Hope Realized (Poem)

Tho we dread the storms and the torrential downfall of the rain,

Tho the thunder and downfall instills in us a sense of fear and dread at its power,

Just like the sun sets and rises every day,

So the storms of life come and go,

But once they pass we find a new love a new appreciation for the calm that comes after the storm,

We appreciate even more the beauty and warmth the sun has to give us,

It is then we realize that maybe the storm tho only for a time if anything is to be learned us,

It is the appreciation that comes for the little things in life that we once took for granted,

Maybe the storms are meant to awake us from our sleep that we just might begin to understand what is actually important in life,

Perhaps the rains are intended to help us to reevaluate what we really want

What is truly important to us,

What is worth fighting for,

What is worth holding on to,

The hope of a new dawn,

The promise of a new sunrise,

The hope of a new day,

The hope of a new life,

Which all come in their set time and place,

The appreciation of their value has now grown greater,

Grown stronger for the things in life that honestly matter,

Because you allowed the storm to be your teacher and a guide that enabled you to finally see the light of day,

It’s then we realize that the many tears that were once cried due to the storm were meant for the flowers that were yet to bloom from the sun’s rays of a new day

The pain that was once unbearable is now forgotten

For joy and hope have taken their place and all things have now become new again.

New life, new experiences and a renewed look on life

For the pain and trials of your storm have given way to something far greater then you could have realized or even imagined.

It is then you realize what you have been longing for and waiting for your whole life is before you as plain as day with arms wide open waiting for your embrace.

By Bradford Lee Mace