She’s One Of A Kind (Poem)

Her beauty at first is outward
But time reveals it inward

She’s a rock and fortress to her man
But this is why I’m her greatest fan

Her presence I have peace
But when apart it’s never the least

She encourages me with her words
But never lacking on witty blurbs

Her smile is ever contagious
But always seems to be spontaneous

She’ll leave me sometimes speechless
But of her, I’ll never think less

Her strength is in her character
But never shy to speak on a matter.

She’s most definitely is my equal
But to those before her never a sequel

Her wisdom seems rather limitless
But her beauty is forever timeless

She’s not without her imperfection
But is always quick on introspection

Her wit is second to none
But not for lack of being fun

She’s indeed one of a kind
And this is why she occupies my mind

By Bradford Lee Mace