A Journey Through Time

Time, we all want more, but never seem to have enough.

Once Time has gone, it can never be gotten back.

The Time we have in the future can at any time be taken from us. Time is never ours until it becomes our present.

Time is elusive we can’t touch it, feel it, taste it or even see it. Time doesn’t need a clock, although we do to know it. Time can be managed, although it answers to no one.

We are always moving through Time although Time itself is not an object. We can stop in time, although Time itself never stops. Time is neither friend or foe because it shows partiality to no one.

Time is three dimensional in that it has a past, present, and future. Time is measured in six parts years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Time has two sides which we know as AM and PM although Time itself is not bipolar.

Time is always moving forward, but never backward, yet it is still present with us. Time never grows tired, although it never stops running. Time never dies, even though we will.

Time is boundless, but we live within the boundaries of Time.

Eventually, we will run out of Time, although Time will never run out.

The only Time we have is the Time we have now, therefore use it wisely, watch it closely and make the most of it while you still have it because it will run out one day, never to be gotten back.

This is why we call Time a gift and that is why we refer to it as the present. Live every day in the present, and you will make the most of gifts. No gift should be taken for granted because that would be a waste of your Time.

Now before I run out of Time, I want to thank you for your Time and I hope this will inspire you to keep better track of your Time and make the most your Time while you still have the Time to do so.

Bradford Lee Mace