Scandalous? You Be The Judge!

Is it scandalous? You be the judge!

More than friends? Yes, even lovers.

Intimate lovers in fact!

The story begins with two.
Their names Growing and Learning.

The scandal unfolds.

Growing and Learning where spotted hand in hand walking together through life.

A match made in heaven?

Some dare say.

They inevitably became best friends and supported one other despite different views.

In a short time, they became lovers.

Standing naked before each other unashamed, they embraced.

Now intimately acquainted the two became one.

The end

BUT WAIT, what became of them?

Let me explain.

As a person grows so they learn, as a person learns so they grow.

When both walk in harmony together they give birth to Good Character.

Once Good Character has reached maturity Wisdom is born.

Growing and Learning are choices of the will.

What they give birth to,

is not always clear

In fact,

Growing and Learning don’t always walk together through life


the right choices bring them together.

BUT when they do come together something remarkable is born.

Only you can decide what they give birth to.

The choice is yours.

The purpose of my short story,
to illuminate your mind.
To a reality of power
The greatest power

That lies within us all.

This power has a name we call Choice or Choices.

Our choices open and close doors.

Our choices can build us up or tear us down.

Even more incredible! 

No one can take this power from us.

Unless we choose to give our choice away.

Bradford Lee Mace