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Love Hope and Longing

As I gazed upon the night sky, a vision of you came to me as vividly as the starlit sky shining before me. I’m sure it was you who I’ve yet to meet. The breath of your beauty like the stars flickering upon the night sky. Yet your grace too vast to take in with just one look, not even

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Is It Fake News or Real News?

Let me start out by saying I have found myself guilty of spreading fake news. After being confronted by a few friends I began to look for ways that I could protect myself and now I want to empower you with some simple and practical advice that I’ve benefited from in my own life. We always have a choice! We

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Misery on The Loose! How to Escape Misery’s Clutches Before it’s Too Late

Breaking Story Unfolds! Misery has been spotted, it’s on the loose devouring its prey by draining all life from its host’s body. Officials say it escaped at the beginning of time from a prison called Boundless Agony Of Perpetual Self Torture. Officials also say that if you make friends with Misery, Misery will not let you go until your lifeless,

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We’re Not In Kansas Anymore (Poem)

Innocence is becoming a myth and a legend of a world which no longer exists. The Twilight Zone, no longer science fiction or an alternate world, but has become our reality. A promise, no longer a promise because our words have become empty sounds of weightless wonder. Light has become darkness and darkness, light, but still, we’re all blind to

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