I Can’t Take Your Scares Away, but I Have Something Better

I can never take your scars away without the risk of losing you and my love for you is not just for what lies on the surface, although your beauty is second to none, I love all of you.

From the darkest depths of your soul where no one has yet explored, even still further, I love all you have gone through both the pain, the heartbreak and all your joys in-between because all this has helped you to become who you are today, the one I call ‘My Love.’

I don’t just love you for who you were then, but who you are now after all you have been through.

I love all of you, and even those scars from wounds that have yet to heal and yes, I love even those broken pieces from your past that have yet to be put back together.

Those scars will cause us sorrow from time to time, and your broken pieces will not be without a struggle to put back together. However, we have each other to share those sorrows with and both of us working together can spend the rest of our lives figuring out how to put those pieces back together.

And although,

I know you’ve been hurt and I can never take those scars away, however, I can massage them so they are less noticeable so your beauty would shine even brighter than before, now that you’re finally mine to care for.

If romance is dead, then more than likely I’m just a figment of your imagination. It’s okay, not all dreams were meant to be lived, however, this one is mine and I refuse to wake from because now I know what it means to live.

“Change the way you think, change your world.”

Bradford Lee Mace