Perspective Is The Difference Between Living or Dying

Think about it.

Perspective is everything in life because it’s the difference between living or dying.

It’s a choice in how we choose to think.

Some people choose to think from the perspective of optimism, their solution-oriented problem solver’s.

Always looking to learn, grow and make the most out of every opportunity and experience.

No matter what life gives them or where life takes them, they’re free to fly soaring above the clouds.

While other people seem to never get past their problems because they’ve turned their problem into an insurmountable mountain like Mount Everest.

BTW The mountain only exists within your mind and can be taken down at any time by just thinking differently.

Life will always bring you to an occasional mountain, but not every mountain was meant for us to climb, some were meant to walk around.

While other mountains require us to reach out our hand and ask for help before we can climb.

A community is like a rope with many strands, it’s about working and climbing together.

That’s what teamwork is, it’s a community of people all working together in harmony. 

This is also why we’ve been given family, friends, neighbors and even a stranger can sometimes help us on occasion.

It’s like a piano, when all the keys are played in harmony, they produce a beautiful sound, but only when they work together can we hear the music.

It’s up to us to reach out for help.

Live every day like it was your last and I promise you everything will change in ways you never thought possible or even can imagine.

Simply because you had a change of mind.

Like I said at the beginning; Perspective is the difference between living or dying.

What will you do differently today, now that you see the endless possibilities?

Bradford Lee Mace

“Change the way you think, change your world.”