Relationships Short Stories

Urgent Breaking News, Homewreckers Beware

(Dedicated to all who’ve suffered because you thought you met the right person, but they turned out to be nothing more than a Homewrecker.)

Dear Homewrecker,

This is your last and final warning.

Don’t make your home, in my heart unless you’re committed to establishing a permanent residence.

My heart is not your vacation home, where you can come and go when you feel like it. Neither is it a place you can just visit from time to time because you’re bored.

In fact, neither is my heart a hotel, where anyone is welcome to come and go as they please. It’s not a place you can just check in stay for a short while then check out.

My heart is a home and homes are meant to be lived in and taken care of not abandoned and neglected.

My heart has been built with love for love. Special care has been taken paying close attention to the details upon its construction. This home is intended for one single permanent resident only, and you’ll notice upon moving in that everything has been carefully designed with you in mind and heart.

Therefore consider wisely before you knock on my heart’s door and do not enter through its door carelessly and or recklessly or you’ll be evicted immediately and permanently.

Eviction notices are irrevocable and binding legal documents, enforced by Love Law. Love Law’s boundaries have been firmly established and can not be moved or altered.

If you force your way in without invitation, you will be thrown in the trash with the rest of the garbage. Love Law takes no prisoners, and Love Law is not a daycare for children!

Furthermore, Love Laws words are actionable. Which is to say, Love Law means what they say and says what they mean. Their actions and words are one and the same and are inseparable. Nothing is left to chance, and every word is followed through on as you would expect from anyone who keeps their promises.

If it comes to pass that I open my heart’s door for you to go in, please think twice before crossing the doorway and then upon entering think twice again before you close the door behind you.

The rule is simple three strikes your out or four foul balls your out, so play to win or don’t play at all.

Oh, and plastic and fake aren’t welcome either, as they are nothing more than energy sucking whores wasting everyone’s time and energy. Please go sell yourself to Energizer they’ll get more use out of you before having to throw you out.

Remember Love Law is a ruthless enforcer of all things anti-love and does not bare the rod in vain.

You’ve been warned!

Love Law will dismantle the fake plastic imposters who wish to take up home without a real commitment out of a pure heart of love.

If you don’t know what commitment means and looks like just turn around and walk away, you’re not welcome here.

Dedicated to all pure hearts. 

Just think about it,

Bradford Lee Mace

By Bradford Lee Mace

Dad, Health & Fitness Enthusiast, Writer, Poet & Entrepreneur

One day a poem formed in my mind, it happened as a result of an experience I was going though. So I wrote it down and haven’t stopped writing since.

I’m not skilled in grammar and punctuation or even spelling, but I do have a gift for translating my feelings, thoughts and emotions into words, that people can relate to.

My motivation for writing comes from a deeply rooted desire I have to encourage and motivate people.

I know the loneliness, that darkness that leads a person to contemplating suicide, that was once me. I had no one that understood the pain, agony and darkness I was going through.

And that is why I write and share publicly, in hope that I might encourage another human soul needing desperately to hear, “There’s hope, you’re not alone in your struggle”.

I haven’t figured out everything, but what I have figured out I write about, and sometimes I bleed words turning them into poetry.