Having The Right Perspective Is A Choice

Having the right perspective is a choice.

  • It’s choosing to think differently.
  • It’s choosing to look past the ugly.
  • It’s choosing to see what others have chosen not to see.

It’s not that you don’t see the struggle or the pain, no, not at all because that would only dehumanize us.

It’s the ability to look past a problem and finding the beauty in the solution to your problem.

It’s the ability to embrace the pain and struggle of everyday life and still choosing to learn and grow from your experience, despite the odds.

Like most living things, our mind can be trained, but wait, I present a miracle far more profound,

Our mind can be retrained!

But only when you and I choose to think differently.

Change the way you think, change your world.

Just think about it,

Bradford Lee Mace

Keeping it raw and real because life’s on edited and never candy-coated. blm