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They Either Have Character Or They Are A Character

They Either Have Character Or They Are A Character,

You be the judge.

Character: the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

In my estimation based on 47 years of earthy experience,

There are essentially two types of people in this world,

  • those who have character
  • and those who play act as if they do, but don’t.

Which is to say, there are those who have character and those who are a character.

They aren’t the same because they don’t speak the same language and look nothing alike.

Behavioral patterns never lie!

Although some people will do their best to hide their lack of character for fear of being exposed.

The best way to identify a person of poor character is to,

1) Listen to how they talk about themselves.

2) Listen carefully to every word and take mental notes or write it down.

3) Then allow them enough time to unravel their own story because they can never maintain their narrative.

(There’s just too many lies for them to ever remember.)

This is how you catch a narcissist and sociopath because the lies they weave and even tell themselves are too numerable for them to ever remember, let alone consistently keep together.

A morally strong person will freely admit their shortcomings and won’t need to defend themselves because their actions and words speak the same language. Their actions clearly define the words they speak, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

A morally ethical person’s story is always consistent, and so much so that their words and actions will also tell the same consistent story.

This isn’t to say they don’t make errors in judgement,

But when they do, they’ll make the necessary effort to make changes so that no one is confused as the kind of person they actually are.

This is why a person of character is rarely, if ever, caught stumbling over their own words because there isn’t anything to hide.

Because the truth is always easy to remember!

So I want to end with a poem to solidify why a lie will always lead to another lie until that person has been found insane. 🤯

Now The Poem:

By so called reputable people we so often are misled

And one lie leads to another lie as we often have heard said

And to cover up for one lie another lie you must tell

‘Tis a thorny path to heaven, but an easy path to hell.

One lie leads to another lie that always is the case

Your first lie for deception and your second to save face

And when you are faced with the truth the truth you will deny

And to lie to you comes easy, so you tell another lie.

One lie leads to another lie if what you say is untrue

Then another lie you must tell and your lies won’t stop at two

But the truth of guilt will free you though the truth can be hard to speak

And to lie is always easy and ’tis easy to be weak.

Look at ex President Bill Clinton to millions of people he lied

When his affair with Monica Lewinsky in public he denied

Had he told the truth in the first place of guilt he would have set himself free

But he took for him the easy option and he lied quite easily.

One lie leads to another lie and to more lies that will lead

And to cover for the lies you’ve already told a good memory you need

And though the truth at times is hard to speak the truth will serve you best

For the truth will always ring true in a lie detector test.

by Francis Duggan

From my heart and mind to yours sincerely,

Bradford Lee Mace

By Bradford Lee Mace

Dad, Health & Fitness Enthusiast, Writer, Poet & Entrepreneur

One day a poem formed in my mind, it happened as a result of an experience I was going though. So I wrote it down and haven’t stopped writing since.

I’m not skilled in grammar and punctuation or even spelling, but I do have a gift for translating my feelings, thoughts and emotions into words, that people can relate to.

My motivation for writing comes from a deeply rooted desire I have to encourage and motivate people.

I know the loneliness, that darkness that leads a person to contemplating suicide, that was once me. I had no one that understood the pain, agony and darkness I was going through.

And that is why I write and share publicly, in hope that I might encourage another human soul needing desperately to hear, “There’s hope, you’re not alone in your struggle”.

I haven’t figured out everything, but what I have figured out I write about, and sometimes I bleed words turning them into poetry.