Signs of a FEMALE Narcissist! | How to Deal with this Woman

There’s an excellent video at the bottom by Stephanie Lyn from her YouTube channel. It’s well worth your time in watching.

But before you watch this informative video consider the following in preparation.

Ignorance isn’t bliss, but a prison of eternal self torcher that makes your life a living mess.

The uniformed are easily misled and often taken advantage of. This is why self education and self introspection are vitally important to your survival.

Your mental state of mind and overall wellness depends on your being properly informed.

“Insecurities are loud and confidence is silent.”

Know the signs so you can avoid driving off the cliff. That’s all it takes to avoid disaster especially when it comes to finding the right man I’m woman.

This issue of narcissism isn’t gender neutral and effects both men and women.

One of my favorite parts begins 9 minutes into the video, pay attention to how describes the signs to look out for.

Oh and ladies,

An “Alpha Male” isn’t the loudest man in the room who tries desperately to draw all the attention to himself because of his deep rooted insecurities.

“This man or woman is as shallow as dirt pressed between two rocks, unable able to give life to anything, no matter how hard they try to fake it.”

I know, this sound harsh, but we’re talking about a kind of person that has no conscience. They have no thought or concern for the damage they inflict on their victims.

Think of “Napoleon complex” not just his or her external size, but the shallowness of their small inner person that portrays themselves to be bigger than they actually are in real life.

What a true “Alpha Male” looks like?

He’s the man whose confidence needs no voice, but when he speaks, there’s no question of his character and worth. He’s confident, but never loud and often speaks in a tone that draws you in, causing you to want to hear more.

Know the difference, but if you choose to remain ignorant, it pains me to say, but you deserve the consequences of your choices.

Karma’s a @#$&#

And playing the victim will never save you.

At some point we have to take responsibility for our own ignorance and choices. Life’s too short to hide in the darkness of ignorance.

Listen to how people talk about themselves because the insecure person will always have a lot to say with the loudest voice.

While a secure person says little about themselves because their intrinsic character speaks for them and needs no introduction. They just are who they are without an explanation.

Just think about it,

Bradford Lee Mace

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