His Touch

Their eyes locked, his touch like a feather falling against her cheek, wanting only to comfort her. It was then at that moment that time stopped, just long enough for her life to flash before her. She knew then what words could not express, it was his penetrating eyes that could see her soul, as if it lay naked before them, and his gentle touch that told their life story, as if they’ve lived a lifetime together. Their search was over as they both realized they were created and belonged to one another. The end.

By, Bradford Lee Mace

I have so much to give, but no one to give it to. What I mean is, I have yet to find my Muse. Patiently and purposefully I still wait for her to penetrate my life with her presence. For now Patience has become my new best friend. But until that day comes, my imagination runs wild in search of you. One day I’ll meet you, but until then I’ll continually write to you, with the hope of making it easier for you to find me. Until that day – Bradford Lee Mace