Do You Want to Know Why Perspective Is The Key?

It’s never good to lose hope because hope is our anchor in life. Hope is what keeps our ship on course, lest it drift away on the winds of despair.

My daughter’s tell me frequently, “daddy you’re corny”

Corny, not so much all the time, although I do admit it’s frequent,

However, I am guilty of thinking deeply before I speak the majority of the time.

But never perfect!

Who cares what everyone else thinks, I put my heart out there for everyone to read nearly every day.

I’m acquainted and accustomed and very familiar with rejection, as if it were family.

Life’s too short to sweat over people’s opinions of us.

And who cars what someone thinks because most of the time their thoughts are as shallow as a mud puddle.

While other people’s thoughts are as deep as the ocean and we all know the difference.

Seriously, I don’t know of anyone who’s ever mistaken a mud puddle for an ocean!

I might not live to see you tomorrow. In fact, none of us knows with absolute certainty what tomorrow will bring or not bring us. And at best it’s always an educated guess.

But that’s reality and that’s life. It’s neither negative or positive, but a fact we should live in light of. Especially if we want to live our best life today, which is all we have when you think about it.

Perspective is the key here and without the right perspective, what’s the point in living? Because the alternative would be our being a pessimist.

And a pessimist, I’m not, nor will I ever be.

So why not just say what’s on your heart with thoughtfulness, mindfulness and love.

Before regret holds you at gunpoint and robs you of your smile.

Final thought,

If we live every day in the present by making the most of the gift we’ve been just given, we wouldn’t have any time for regret.

Just think about it,
Bradford Lee Mace