Who Control’s The Outcome Of Your Life? The Pen Or Paper?

Not everyone is given wrinkle free paper to write their life on. Neither do we have control over the quality of paper, that’s been given to us. What we do have power over are the words we choose to put down on paper.

You’re the author, not the paper, so don’t let the paper get in the way of how you write your story.

It’s not the paper our lives are written on, but the words our lives are made up of that matters. BLM

What do you want your life to become,

  • a magazine,
  • a book,
  • or a novel?

A magazine has little substance at best. It may even be good for a month before it’s ready to be thrown in the trash. Sure, there might be a few good articles or even a few beautiful pictures to look at; however, it’s just a magazine, and that’s all people remember.

A book often goes one of two places; maybe it’s put on the shelf or donated to a used book store. However, not all books are bad, but a book will never be a novel.

Now a novel a good novel can be read over and over and enjoyed over a lifetime by millions. Sure, there are some bad ones, but they’re still a novel, and that’s the point.

Once the final chapter has been written, and you’ve reached your epic ‘The End” the only one to blame for the ink on the paper is you ‘the author’ my friend.

Just think about it,
Bradford Lee Mace