Life Philosophy

I Found The Road To Nowhere

And ironically it leads to somewhere.

Shall we see where nowhere leads us?

There’s a lot I could say about this road to nowhere, but instead I’ll leave with a few simple thoughts.

Not all journeys have a destination in the beginning.

Because no one can see over the horizon,

At best we make educated guesses.

Calculated decisions,

Optimistic choice’s,

Have a vision,

Maybe a dream,

Or even a hope.

It doesn’t always matter the spark that ignites the fire within us.

What’s important is that we jump.

Because if we never take the leap you’ll never get to the other side.

And if you never get to the other side you’ll never know where nowhere leads.

And somewhere you will never find.

Every road leads somewhere, even if it’s nowhere because nowhere will eventually lead us somewhere if we never give up walking the road together. – Bradford Lee Mace

Just think about it,
Bradford Lee Mace

By Bradford Lee Mace

Dad, Health & Fitness Enthusiast, Writer, Poet & Entrepreneur

One day a poem formed in my mind, it happened as a result of an experience I was going though. So I wrote it down and haven’t stopped writing since.

I’m not skilled in grammar and punctuation or even spelling, but I do have a gift for translating my feelings, thoughts and emotions into words, that people can relate to.

My motivation for writing comes from a deeply rooted desire I have to encourage and motivate people.

I know the loneliness, that darkness that leads a person to contemplating suicide, that was once me. I had no one that understood the pain, agony and darkness I was going through.

And that is why I write and share publicly, in hope that I might encourage another human soul needing desperately to hear, “There’s hope, you’re not alone in your struggle”.

I haven’t figured out everything, but what I have figured out I write about, and sometimes I bleed words turning them into poetry.