Two crippling statements we tell ourselves

Two statements we tell ourselves that imprisons our mind, keeping you from ever finding a solution to your problem.

“I can’t afford it.”
“I don’t have enough time.”

By making statements like these we create a prison of inability within our mind.

Saying, “I can’t.” is essentially us slamming the door on opportunity.

Statements like these are self destructive and often become self-fulfilling prophecies.

But they don’t have to be!

The real problem is we’ve fixed our mind on the problem rather than opening the door to finding a solution.

When you find yourself beginning to think this way, STOP

And start telling yourself,

“How can I make time?”


“How can I afford it?”

By asking ourselves a question instead, we’re allowing our mind to flourish with new ideas. Not closed doors and prison walls that limit your ability.

It’s like turning over the soil in a garden before planting a seed. When the ground is hard seeds can’t flourish and for seeds to grow they need room.

Don’t harden your mind by limiting it’s ability to think.

We allow our mind to ignite with ideas and solutions when we ask ourselves questions.

It’s like rubbing a match against a rough surface to light it on fire.

Problem solvers, having a solution-oriented mindset ask themselves, “How can I.”.

That’s how doors of opportunity open.

Now, instead seeing closed doors, walls and mountains in front of us, we see open doors and roads to get through and around them.

You might even find a hammer to break down that wall or closed door.

Or maybe you’ll find a footpath that leads over the mountain, instead of around it.

All it takes is a change of mind.

“Change the way you think, change your world.”

Bradford Lee Mace