Which is your favorite teacher, experience or history?

Leaving your life up to the universe is like driving a car with no hands on the wheel.

You may think you’re going somewhere,

But nowhere is where you’ll end up,

Crashing into a ditch,

Lying on the side of the road,

Wishing that you never took your hands off the wheel.

The principal is this;

The outcome of your life is no one’s responsibility, but your own and that’s why history keeps repeating itself in your life.

If you fail to learn the first time rest assured history will repeat itself until you finally do learn.

Think of it like this,

Life has many teachers,

There’s Experience, she’s my personal favorite, because I’ve learned my greatest lessons from her.

Experience is wonderful, she showed me how to take my negative experiences and turn them into my greatest life lessons.

In fact she’s the one who showed me how to turn those negative experiences into positive energy.

Then there’s History, although I think she’s a wonderful teacher, I personally don’t like having to take her class. That’s why I do everything I can to learn the first time around because let’s face it, no one likes repeating history.

– Bradford Lee Mace