Live Your Truth (Poem)

Imagine how beautifully free our world would be if everyone dared to speak and live their truth.

Imagine how bright everyone’s light, as the darkness gave way, because we chose to live our truth today.

It’s sad and painful, the darkness so many cling to, for fear of what others might think.

Never realizing, the light inside has been waiting their whole lifetime to shine.

But oh for the brave few who chose to speak and live their truth, now it’s they who light the way, leaving a spark of hope for the rest of us to hold on to.

Will you speak and live your truth today or die inside because you allowed the darkness to hide your true self?

By Bradford Lee Mace

In honor of my oldest daughter Eliana. For bravely choosing to live her truth.

To put this poem into context please continue reading and thank you.

Fear will suffocate it’s victim till nothing is left for them to hold onto.

And that’s how my daughter felt! My oldest daughter struggled deeply while searching for her own identify.

And the depression she suffered as a result, nearly took her life.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, belief and convictions, BUT

As a parent watching my daughters struggle to find their way in this life,

I would prefer they embrace their own truth than to watch them live in the shadows of the fear of what others might think about them.

I don’t think there’s anything more painful than to watch a person being forced and bullied into living a lie their whole life.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I witnessed this happening first hand to my oldest daughter.

Just because a child of any kind is different doesn’t make them any less human as if they’re some kind of animal. Because they’re not!

Last checked, bieing different isn’t a crime!

We’re all different in our own unique way and none of us are perfect.

The truth is, we’re all perfectly imperfect by design and that’s the beauty we must see and embrace in one another,

Especially, if we want to live in peace with one another.