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I Bleed To Give You Hope (Poem)

Even after I’m gone,My words will live onIn the hearts and mindsOf you the readerI may not live foreverBut my words surely willAnd that’s the pointOf this, my endeavorI’ve spilled my bloodFirst, through experienceSecond, because I writeSo that you won’t have to sufferAs I have done for youNow twice By Bradford Mace

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Failure Is What?

“Experience is life’s greatest teacher, but failure is the Nun slapping you with a yardstick telling you to pay attention in class and learn what’s being taught to you.” Failure is only failure if you let it defeat you. Learn from your failures and you will have an arsenal of assets that will return dividends far beyond your wildest dreams.

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A Mindset For Success

“Failure is just another opportunity for us to learn. And it’s only by learning that we will improve. And only by improving will we become better. And only by becoming better we will ultimately succeed and become successful, but only if we never stop learning from our failures.” – Bradford Lee Mace

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