I Am Me (Poem)

I’m not a writer
Although I love to write

I’m not an orator
Although I’m a skilled communicator

I’m not a public speaker
Although I love to speak publicly

I’m not a poet
Although I express myself poetically

I’m not an artist
Although I sometimes paint pictures

I’m not a designer
Although I create things with my hands

I’m not a carpenter
Although I enjoy building things with wood

I’m not weak
Although sometimes I may cry

I’m not a bitter person
Although sometimes I may get angry

I’m not you
Although you may see a part of you in me

I am me
And that’s all I want you to see
Because that’s all I’ll ever be
Unapologetically me

By Bradford Lee Mace

By Bradford Lee Mace

Dad, Health & Fitness Enthusiast, Writer, Poet & Entrepreneur

One day a poem formed in my mind, it happened as a result of an experience I was going though. So I wrote it down and haven’t stopped writing since.

I’m not skilled in grammar and punctuation or even spelling, but I do have a gift for translating my feelings, thoughts and emotions into words, that people can relate to.

My motivation for writing comes from a deeply rooted desire I have to encourage and motivate people.

I know the loneliness, that darkness that leads a person to contemplating suicide, that was once me. I had no one that understood the pain, agony and darkness I was going through.

And that is why I write and share publicly, in hope that I might encourage another human soul needing desperately to hear, “There’s hope, you’re not alone in your struggle”.

I haven’t figured out everything, but what I have figured out I write about, and sometimes I bleed words turning them into poetry.