Which is your favorite teacher, experience or history?

Leaving your life up to the universe is like driving a car with no hands on the wheel.

You may think you’re going somewhere,

But nowhere is where you’ll end up,

Crashing into a ditch,

Lying on the side of the road,

Wishing that you never took your hands off the wheel.

The principal is this;

The outcome of your life is no one’s responsibility, but your own and that’s why history keeps repeating itself in your life.

If you fail to learn the first time rest assured history will repeat itself until you finally do learn.

Think of it like this,

Life has many teachers,

There’s Experience, she’s my personal favorite, because I’ve learned my greatest lessons from her.

Experience is wonderful, she showed me how to take my negative experiences and turn them into my greatest life lessons.

In fact she’s the one who showed me how to turn those negative experiences into positive energy.

Then there’s History, although I think she’s a wonderful teacher, I personally don’t like having to take her class. That’s why I do everything I can to learn the first time around because let’s face it, no one likes repeating history.

– Bradford Lee Mace

Do you see your life more as an adventure or a chore?

Life isn’t always predictable, as we might like it to be, but isn’t that what makes life more like an adventure? I would like to think so.

If everything was predictable, don’t you think life would become rather boring?I think so.

And most would agree that variety, diversity, spontaneity and being surprised from time to time are all good things.

At least in relationships it sure keeps things fun and exciting!

Sadly, when things like variety and spontaneity are no longer found present in a relationship, that’s when things begin to become boring and uneventful or adventure-less.

When I think about it,

Cheating in a relationship often shares those same elements (variety, spontaneity) and that’s what gives people the rush of excitement and a sense of adventure.

I’m not saying cheating is good, I’m just pointing out how no one really likes when a relationship becomes boring and predictable.

Going through the motions is like waiting hours before getting on a rollercoaster that you’ve been waiting to ride all year. It’s no fun just standing there doing nothing, but waiting. Let’s get on the damn ride and have some fun already! Oh wait, the rollercoaster stopped working, all that waiting was for nothing and now you’re shit out of luck. Sucks right?

Think about it, isn’t that what makes presents so fun and exciting to open, the element of surprise?

Sure it is!

That’s what makes rollercoasters so much fun to ride!

Of course there are those who don’t like surprises or at least that’s what they want us to believe. (wink, wink)

Here are the facts and BTW, I’m an optimist by nature, but I’m all about keeping it real because life’s unedited and never candy coated.

Let’s be real with one another, if something sucks it SUCKS and thats not being negative, it’s just stating a fact.

I don’t care for people that try and candy coat bullshit because shit is shit and all shit stinks like shit even after you’ve sprayed it with Fabreze. Who are they fooling, it smells funky!

Sorry, I got side tracked, oh yes, the facts.

  • Life will have ups and downs
  • Life will play with your emotions
  • Your feelings will get hurt
  • Life won’t always be fair
  • And you won’t always understand what it is you’re going through or even struggling with.

That’s okay because every experience is an opportunity for us to learn and grow, and we don’t always need to have all the answers to move forward.

Although, I would argue we do need to know and understand some of the principles that make life life.

Just as there are seasons in nature there are also seasons in our lives.

For example, life has seasons of,

  • Ups and downs
  • Times of joy
  • Times of sorrow
  • Times of drought
  • Life and death
  • And the list goes on

The truth is we can’t avoid these things from happening to us however, we can lesson some of the impact they have on our lives.

But only when we accept their reality by embracing the fact that it’s okay for life to be this way because this is what it means to live, this is life.

We where born to embrace life as an adventure, NOT A CHORE. We weren’t meant to just exist, where’s the fun and adventure in that, there isn’t any.

I hope you’re beginning to see the principal I’m unfolding for you, if you’re unsure I’ll tell you now, it’s perspective.

Perspective is the most important element of living an abundant life, but not just any perspective because having the wrong one will suck the life right out of you.

For example;

Someone who’s trained themselves to only see problems in everything, is hardly a good perspective to have, but someone who sees a problem as an opportunity to find a solution, like finding the missing pieces to a puzzle, is by far the happier of the two perspectives.

I look at it like this; Having the right perspective is the difference between living or just living to die.

Storms in life will come, but remember this to shall pass and once the storms pass the clouds give way to the sun and on a rare occasion a rainbow to boot.

In other words, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but if you’re finding it hard to see than light that bitch yourself because no one’s going to light it for you, but you.

I don’t care if I sound corny, because it’s the truth!

Although life can be dark and painful at times, if we hold on and persevere, a new day will dawn and the sun will rise again because that’s how life is.

Personally, I think it’s f_____g incredible. (Fricking, incase you where wondering)

And more often than not, the joy that follows will overshadow the pain we had to endure and before you know it your seemingly negative experience becomes a distant memory lost in the pages of history. And you don’t need to go back to relive it either!

Consider the example of a woman giving birth;

She endures (not without reason) incredible pain while giving birth, but once her child is born, she immediately forgets the pain she had just endured.


Because she’s now overwhelmed with the joy of having just given birth to her newborn baby.

She endured because of the hope of what was to come OUT of her suffering. Not to mention that it was also the hope of what was to come after her suffering also.

Notice that OUT makes a big difference and not just what was going to come AFTER.

And it’s the same with life!

The pain we must endure is for a time and it can be unbearable, it’s real and pain hurts, that’s the nature of pain.

It’s okay to cry and even scream to help release the pressure, caused by the pain. After all that’s the purpose of crying and screaming, isn’t it? Can I hear an AMEN?

Consider the following analogy;

A diamond must endure tremendous amounts of pressure and intense heat before it ever can become a diamond. Does the diamond fight it? No, it embraces the process by allowing nature to perform its intended work because the diamond’s hope is fixed on becoming what nature intended for it to become, a diamond.

Are you NOT meant to shine like a diamond? Because I believe that’s exactly what you where created to do!

Why do we appreciate the sun so much?

Because we have to endure some pretty crazy shit storms and some brutally dark and cold winter’s.

Interestingly, even the sun can become an annoyance at times,

And that is why some change in life is good, because there’s beauty in the diversity of our experiences and that’s what makes life spicy. After all variety is the spice of life.

Want to turn your negative experiences into good ones?

Sure you do, who wouldn’t!

Except maybe a pessimist, but I digress.

Final thought;

Well, I added another thought before publishing this so now its,

Final thoughts;

If you want to turn your negative experiences into positive ones, embrace them by choosing to actively learn from them. Then you’ll never have a bad experience go to waste ever again.

In fact, that’s exactly how you get recharged with positive energy.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Easier said than done!”.

However, once you’ve put this into practice long enough it becomes a habit and that’s when climbing cliffs and jumping out of airplanes becomes exciting because now you’re living for the adventure and not just living to die.

No adventure is without fear, just don’t let fear keep you from living your adventure!

Just think about it.

Bradford Lee Mace

What Kind Of Book Do You Want Your Life To Read?

No doubt life feels strange at times and even difficult to understand.

And we all have our beliefs, views, opinions, and convictions about what it all means.

However, the most important thing for us to understand, Is that you and I are in control of our lives and the direction it’s heading in.

For myself, I believe everything in life is connected on at least one or more levels. Maybe they’re not all easily visible as some, but they’re there.

To understand what I mean by connected, I’ll use a book. This connection is more of how it can relate to life, but more importantly what it can teach us about life.

Life’s like a book not every chapter is easy for us to read, but until our current chapter has been published, it’s still up for editing. This is us living in the moment.

Once our current chapter has been published, it’s now become history. This is our past which we can not change.

The pages before us are yet blank, waiting for us to give them life through our words. This is our present and future which have yet to be written.

Our book consists of the front cover and beginning chapters which are our birth and childhood.

For many of us, the beginning is always the hardest. In fact, we might come into this world kicking and screaming, but we don’t have to live our life kicking and screaming, and surely we don’t want for it to end that way.

The last few chapters and back cover is our final farewell to this world, it’s our epic THE END.

How epic is entirely up to you AND remember a truly great novel will leave people closing their book wanting more. This is how I want my book to end.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting people to want more of you. When it’s good, it’s good, am I wrong?

Surely I hope not!

This world has enough bad people already, and I think for most of us we want less of them. Besides, that’s not the kind of person I wish to be. I have a gut feeling you agree with me on this one.

Here’s a slightly different view;

The past is easy to read because the pages have already been written.

However, our future is still waiting to be written, and we can’t read what hasn’t been written.

Life principle:

Be careful of the words you choose to write your life with, some have unintentional consequences.

I have a question for you;

What do you want your life to be?

  • A pamphlet
  • Blog post
  • Magazine
  • Book
  • Or a novel

BTW I think some people just settled on their life being more like junk mail, no one likes junk mail. It’s only good for, well you know, but I digress.

I think for most of us, we would all agree, we want our lives to be more like a well written novel. But not just any novel! I want mine to be an epic adventure that has an ending leaving my readers breathless wanting more.

Like every book tho, it has to have a beginning and end, but whats in-between is for us to decide.

Why do I say this, because you and I are the authors of our own lives.

The purpose of life is like the purpose of the blank pages of a book, if you want to give them meaning you just have to choose the right words and write.

My point is simple;

We write the life we wish to live because we’re the author and how your book ends is entirely up to you.

If only now, I could find my Co-Author / Co-Editor so we can join forces and finish our books together and create the most memorable and epic THE END.  I have so many ideas, but I’d really like some help with the remaining chapters and ending. There’s something to be said about great collaborations.

Final thought;

Life is like the first draft of a book or paper, it has many mistakes, and we have no choice, but to use whiteout to cover them up. Which reminds me, even whiteout leaves bumps and scares on the pages of our life. That’s what healing looks like, but it doesn’t mean we can’t correct it or even start over with fresh ideas. My friend you and I are perfectly imperfect and that’s what makes you beautiful.

You’re the author, you can and you will, I believe in you. Now you just have to believe in yourself because that’s the hardest part for most of us.

With our words, you’re either planting vibrant, colorful meadows filled with flowers, for all to enjoy OR you’ll be regretfully pulling out weeds the rest of your life.

And who likes gazing upon fields of weeds?

Because I know I don’t and I don’t believe you do either.

Personally, I’d prefer to be remember as a flower, then a God-forsaken weed.

If my words have encouraged, enlightened, motivated or inspired you, don’t forget to like my article.

And if you think it might do the same for someone else than by all means share with someone.

Remember a rope is only as strong as the number of strings all working together.

Just think about it,

Bradford Lee Mace

Two crippling statements we tell ourselves

Two statements we tell ourselves that imprisons our mind, keeping you from ever finding a solution to your problem.

“I can’t afford it.”
“I don’t have enough time.”

By making statements like these we create a prison of inability within our mind.

Saying, “I can’t.” is essentially us slamming the door on opportunity.

Statements like these are self destructive and often become self-fulfilling prophecies.

But they don’t have to be!

The real problem is we’ve fixed our mind on the problem rather than opening the door to finding a solution.

When you find yourself beginning to think this way, STOP

And start telling yourself,

“How can I make time?”


“How can I afford it?”

By asking ourselves a question instead, we’re allowing our mind to flourish with new ideas. Not closed doors and prison walls that limit your ability.

It’s like turning over the soil in a garden before planting a seed. When the ground is hard seeds can’t flourish and for seeds to grow they need room.

Don’t harden your mind by limiting it’s ability to think.

We allow our mind to ignite with ideas and solutions when we ask ourselves questions.

It’s like rubbing a match against a rough surface to light it on fire.

Problem solvers, having a solution-oriented mindset ask themselves, “How can I.”.

That’s how doors of opportunity open.

Now, instead seeing closed doors, walls and mountains in front of us, we see open doors and roads to get through and around them.

You might even find a hammer to break down that wall or closed door.

Or maybe you’ll find a footpath that leads over the mountain, instead of around it.

All it takes is a change of mind.

“Change the way you think, change your world.”

Bradford Lee Mace