The Painful Truth About Advice

“Advice is good, but not all advice is good. It’s a painful truth, but good advice.” – Bradford Lee Mace

Just think about it,
Bradford Lee Mace

The Birth Of A Loser And The Power Of Choice

No one wakes up one day and says to themselves,

“I want to become a loser”.

It never happens like this, because you and I aren’t wired this way.

But when a person begins to make seemingly insignificant compromises,

  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Morals
  • Values

Eventually compromise metastasizes into a vampiress cancer, sucking the life out of life as it consumes its host, until she gives birth to a loser.

The greatest power you and I possess is our ability to make choices.

If you think that the choices you make have no importance or value,

Consider the birth of a loser as a sober warning that the choices you make today, will determine the outcome of your life in the future.

Greatness begins by changing the way you think, by the choices you make.

Having the right perspective going through life is as much a choice as thinking optimistically is.


At the end of the day what makes or breaks you isn’t what happens outside of you, but how you’ve chosen to think in response. BLM

The battle and war is within our minds, over the way we’ve chosen or choose to think.

For example;

A person who tries drugs maybe one or two times, they don’t go into it, saying, “I want to become a drug addict”.

Do they? NO

Or does the person who uses drugs recreationally, do it with the intention of ever becoming a drug addict?


But because of how they’ve chosen to think in response, is the driving force for why some people become drug addicts and others don’t.

This is the same for just about, if not all addictions.

There’s outside forces and then there are internal forces and not all of them are the same,

Because some by nature are destructive.

Consider how destructive toxic people are, not just by their actions, but how they think within their mind.

They have a different construct in how they think. It’s like acid, nothing good can ever survive in it.

Consider the person who suffers from depression, and how the destructive force of their thinking drives them mad.

While some go as far as taking there own life.

It’s not good thinking,

But they’ve trapped themselves within their mind by their own thoughts,

Mainly because of how they’ve chosen to think in response to external forces.

All these things don’t just happen to us,

But overtake us at a point in time when and because we’ve made enough seemingly insignificant compromises that eventually have weakened our defenses,

We’ve now become mentally weak and toxic destructive thinking takes over as it makes it’s home within our head.

Until all we can do is surrender because the power of destructive thought has consumed us, giving birth to our death.

Final thoughts,

None of us are victims to our experiences, as if those experiences have some kind of magical power over us.

Because they don’t and can’t.

Experiences aren’t living and breathing as you or I,

And therefore have no power over us.


Within your own mind you’ve choose to give it power by breathing life into it by your words

But even then it’s limited in power because you’re the one who’s always and ultimately in control,

You just might not realize it yet!

We always have the power of choice to change it and therefore change the outcome, once we’ve changed our mind.

You have the power to fight back when you change the way you think.

All you need to do is,

Change the way you think, change your world.

Just think about it,
Bradford Lee Mace

What Is Community Really?

“Community is like a rope with many strands, it’s about working and climbing together. That’s what teamwork is, it’s a community of people all working together, each playing their part. This is why you’ve been given family, friends, neighbors and even strangers. It’s like a piano, when all the keys are played in harmony, they produce a beautiful sound, but only when they work together can we hear the music.” – Bradford Lee Mace

What’s The Purpose Of Our Past Anyway?

Disclaimer: this might offend some people (it’s a different world we live in), but just think with me for a minute and let’s reason together. 🤔

So much for evolution, technology might be evolving, but people surely are not.

Children today don’t get nearly enough physical exercise as they once did in school.

And to even have a playground like this parents and children would have to sign a contract prior to playing.

For fear that someone might get sued and become destitute.

Yeah, yeah, I know we have things like indoor trampoline parks, but you can not enter before signing your name on the dotted line.

Although it seems like socially and physically we’ve been slowly devolving.

We’re more medicated then our ancestors and it seems 2 out of 3 people I meet have or had cancer.

And don’t even try to have a political discussion with anyone,

You might not come out of it alive!

Feesls like no one is allowed to have a different view or opinion, let alone enjoy a casual conversation without the fear of offending someone.

Seriously tho,

I miss my childhood years, the adventure and freedom we had, not to mention we knew every neighbor in our neighborhood.

And everyone trusted one another and had regular cookouts together.

Now I walk through neighborhoods and all I see everyone having in common is houses filled with flickering flat screens.

Notice my choice of words,

Houses not homes.

Our kitchen tables have been replaced with coffee tables.

Instead of talking with each other, we sit and watch our flat screens talk to us.

But let’s not mention our cell phones.

Or grown adults playing there video games.

Surely, I’m not the only one who sees the decline, but I digress.

On A Positive Note

Let’s look at the positive side, look at how far we’ve come and what we’ve become.

Computers do most of our thinking for us and algorithms have become our new gods.

Our neighbors, friend’s and family might think they know us, but our smart phones know us better than anyone.

Because nothing is sacred and our privacy,

Well that’s just history.

I love pictures like this because they remind of what I need to hold on to and not hold so tightly to.

Let’s learn from our past, just don’t live there because it was a scary place where people actually looked more like human beings.

Is it still okay to say ‘human beings’ or is that too offensive?

Just think about it,
Bradford Lee Mace

PS: This is only my opinion based on my personal observations of past and present facts and statistics.

In other words, we all have an opinion and this has been mine. 😀