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His Touch

Their eyes locked, his touch like a feather falling against her cheek, wanting only to comfort her. It was then at that moment that time stopped, just long enough for her life to flash before her. She knew then what words could not express, it was his penetrating eyes that could see her soul, as […]

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Urgent Breaking News, Homewreckers Beware

(Dedicated to all who’ve suffered because you thought you met the right person, but they turned out to be nothing more than a Homewrecker.) Dear Homewrecker, This is your last and final warning. Don’t make your home, in my heart unless you’re committed to establishing a permanent residence. My heart is not your vacation home, […]

Short Stories

Misery on The Loose! How to Escape Misery’s Clutches Before it’s Too Late

Breaking Story Unfolds! Misery has been spotted, it’s on the loose devouring its prey by draining all life from its host’s body. Officials say it escaped at the beginning of time from a prison called Boundless Agony Of Perpetual Self Torture. Officials also say that if you make friends with Misery, Misery will not let […]

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Do You Need to Pick Up The Pieces to Move On?

“I’m picking up the pieces and putting them back together differently now. Once I’m done you won’t recognize the new me. I’m taking extra care and paying extra attention to every piece so that I don’t make the same mistakes twice. Those pieces that don’t fit have to be discarded now. It hurts but what […]

Life Philosophy Short Stories

Scandalous? You Be The Judge!

Is it scandalous? You be the judge! More than friends? Yes, even lovers. Intimate lovers in fact! The story begins with two. Their names Growing and Learning. The scandal unfolds. Growing and Learning where spotted hand in hand walking together through life. A match made in heaven? Some dare say. They inevitably became best friends […]