Why I Write

The above picture is of my daughter’s and I. In the center my oldest daughter Eliana and on the right my youngest Samara.

Everything I write and share is done with the hope that one day when my daughters need to hear their dad’s advice and wisdom they’ll be able to find them free throughout the internet.

I’ll share a story that happened to me this past Christmas 2018 when I went to pick up my youngest Samara from her Mom’s. The trip one way is three and a half hours under normal traffic.

So on our drive home, my daughter and I had many wonderful and heartfelt talks across many life topics. It was as always a proud parenting moment.

As parents we often feel discouraged at times, it’s normal because it’s not always easy for us to see if we’re having a positive impact on our children’s lives.

But then a spontaneous miracle happens and our children surprise us causing even tears of joy to run down our face, as is happening now I as I share this with you.

One of the topics we started to talk about my Samara stopped me and said the following,

Samara, “Father, you know Mommy only allows me to use the computer at home for school work and you know my phone is archaic and locked down with #googlefamilylink which allows me little freedom.”

Me, (Taking the moment to inject some unwanted humor, but I couldn’t resist.) ” Yes sweetie I know and btw the Smithsonian Institute was calling me and asking when they’re going to get their phone back.”

Samara, (Trying to keep an angry face, but she couldn’t resist laughing.) “Dad it’s not funny! I can’t even send or receive emojis, it’s that old dad.”

Me, (Still laughing a little.) “Sweetie I know your pain, but when I was growing up we didn’t have cell phones or computers, at least you have something to call a cell phone.”

Samara, (With a serious face.) “I know father, and I’m thankful. Can I finish my story now, because your jokes about my phone are as old as you are.”

Me, (undeniably laughing) “LMAO that was funny sweetie well played.”

Samara, (Confused and perplexed) “Dad why did you just spell out LMAO?”

Me, (Laughing uncontrollably and barely able to even say a word.) “I was just making it easier for you since you can’t see emojis when I’m sending you messages on your cell phone.”

Samara, (Laughing uncontrollably she realizes dad has game despite his old age.) “Okay Dad that was a good one can I now finish my story?”

Me, (Keeping as serious as a face I can.) “Yes daughter please finish.”

Samara, “So when I’m in school and at my computer and have free time I stalk you, Daddy. I Google your name and read everything you write, I know what you’re talking about because read what shared on the internet.”

Needless to say, I was in tears barely able to continue driving.

And this is my greatest why for why o do what I do.

But it doesn’t stop there, so please read on so you can know my mind heart and soul.

“Life is like an adventure novel, every chapter is different, you never know how it will end. There’s always ups downs twists and turns, characters coming and going. However, a novel almost always is edited before we have a chance to read it, but life is never edited neither is it candy coated.” BLM

So the best way for me to describe my style of writing is that it’s,

Raw and Real’ because life’s unedited and never candy coated.” BLM

I love to write and speak publicly; however, I’m not a grammar expert, that’s not my gift.

Mistakes in writing are bound to happen so; please forgive me because I’m my own Editor and Chief.

I’ve taken many courses over the years to improve and refine my writing skills, but I still find myself needing to use editing software from time to time.

Communicating my heart, mind, soul, and feelings is my gift, grammar not so much.

But I will make an honestly sincere promise to you today, that it only gets better from here. So follow me and you will have no doubts about my why I’m here.

Please, I need your help!

If editing is your gift and you come across something that’s not clear, or my grammar is off, please send me an email.

I appreciate when someone takes the time to correct me, and the truth is I’ll never learn nor will I get better if no one is there to help me.

Everyone has a why for why they do what they do and here is mine for why I write what I write and share it with you.

My passion is YOU.

I love people generally speaking.

I say ‘generally’ because there are bad people in this world who are beyond help.

No can help the unhelpable because they don’t want anyone’s help.

It’s really not complicated, some people are teachable while others are not.

So all I can ask of my reader is too,


My purpose to encourage, motivate, inspire and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

My desire is to see you evolve into a better even the best version of yourself then you were yesterday.

Let’s explore life and grow together, what do you have to have to lose?

I would even argue that you’re making a sound investment in your mind, heart, and soul when you take the time to ‘Just Think About It.’

If you like to reason with me a little, consider that we all have two ears then a brain to filter what we hear before words can come out of our mouth. Isn’t that enough to ‘Just Think About It.’

My vision to spark positive change in the hearts and minds of my readers both great, small, old and young.

Words are like a spark and if a spark is placed in the right environment that spark will inevitably start a fire and that’s my mission.

I want to set ablaze your mind, heart, and soul to think differently so that you’ll walk away more mindful then yesterday and better you today.

Additionally and more important than anything else I have to say, I write and share that one day when my daughter’s need me and I’m no longer here they can find me still living and breathing on the internet because my words will live on long after I’m gone.

I hope to teach my daughters by way of example that it’s never too late for change, no matter how old or young you are.

Change always begins with a choice and choice begins the moment you change your mind.

The power to transform is within, you only need to activate it by choosing to think differently. Thinking differently about yourself and life is the first step toward positive change.

All change no matter how great or small is ignited first by a spark. The spark is often an idea or thought that ignites from within empowering us to change.

Here’s an example ;

Every great invention first came from a spark (thought) that transformed into an idea (they imagined or visualized a future reality) before it became an actual thing.

In other words, they first made a choice to think differently.

The final result, a changing world.

Just think about it, Change the way you think change your world. – Bradford Lee Mace

PS; If you have a question or if something’s unclear and needs further clarification, please email me.

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think. — Socrates